Marketing tips and tricks for your Airbnb property to try now

You’re a busy Airbnb host, welcoming guests from all over the world to your special slice of Glasgow. What now? Time to boost bookings (and revenue in turn) by polishing up your marketing to make sure you get in front of potential guests when they’re looking for you.

We’ve put together a few tips and tricks tried and tested by local marketing experts to give your Airbnb property potential a boost.

Look great in search

First things first – an Airbnb search is the first point of visibility your property will have with a potential guest. In a saturated market, it’s now more important than ever to make your property stand out from the crowd. There are a few tips to follow for a great Airbnb listing:

  1. Create a compelling title:  Consider ‘Apartment in West End’ vs. ‘Luxury 2 bed apartment in the heart of Glasgow’s trendy West End’ – what one would you click on?
  2. Make sure your photos are up to scratch. Investing in professional photography for your property is a must! Photos are the only visible thing a guest has to go by before they arrive at your property, so make sure they capture all the best angles and special details of your space. Learn more about shooting the best photos here.
  3. Price competitively. Research the market and take into consideration everything your property has to offer. You don’t want to price it too cheap or you’ll create the wrong impression, however over-pricing can also be detrimental. Striking the right balance is important and it will be dependent on your property’s unique features, size, location and much more.

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Don’t be shy to ask for reviews

Your guests are leaving smiling from ear to ear, so make sure that is reflected online! After a guest leaves, Airbnb will prompt them to leave a review of their stay. If this doesn’t encourage a review, there is no harm in reaching out to them yourself with a kind ‘thank you for staying’ message that gently reminds them to leave a review. This also gives you the chance to iron out any issues they experienced before they make it public.

You could also have a traditional visitor book in your property, which is a unique touch in today’s digital age. This could include a reminder for guests to leave a review for their stay on Airbnb after check-out.

Share your city

As typical Glaswegians, we’re very proud of our city! It’s a unique part of Scotland with a personality like no other. Friendly, buzzing and artistic are all words used to describe Glasgow, so make sure your potential guests know just how fantastic the city is! Make sure to mention any key attractions, top bars and restaurants or must-see sights near your property in your Airbnb listing. For guests arriving at your property, a local handbook or guide, maps, menus and leaflets can make a stay extra special and help them discover the best the city has to offer.

As Airbnb management providers, we have exclusive partnerships with some of Glasgow’s best restaurants, bars and attractions to offer your guests fantastic discounts and deals. Just one of the many benefits of working with BNBHOST!

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Get social

Gone are the days of people flicking through magazines for travel inspiration. Instagram and Pinterest are now where it’s at for endless #HolidayInspo. Make your property easy to find by posting attractive, relevant content of it on these platforms using appropriate hashtags for the city. For Glasgow properties, we recommend hashtags like #Glasgow, #GlasgowProperty #GlasgowTravel #GlasgowFood #VisitGlasgow to get properties seen by potential visitors to the city. Put yourself where people find inspiration and encourage guests to share their experience with your property on social media too. It’s a quick, easy and free way to expose your property to a huge online audience!

If you need help optimising and improving your Airbnb property to make the most of its potential, talk to us! We provide a hassle-free, comprehensive Airbnb management service in Glasgow. We will help you boost bookings and revenue so you can enjoy more of your own time and financial freedom! Get in touch with us today for a chat about how we can help.