Top photography tips for your Airbnb property profile

Photos are one of the most important aspects of your Airbnb property’s online presence. Along with reviews, most people are likely going to judge your accommodation based on its photos, so you want to make these look as good as they can be. Aside from this, you want to give your guests something to look forward to – photos should excite them. So, here are our top seven photography tips for your Airbnb property profile.

Keep it clean and tidy

The most important thing you want to ensure is that your property looks spotless in photos!

This means that you should have a thorough clean before photos are taken: dust surfaces, clean windows, hoover, take out the bin and even change linen, before photos are taken. But most importantly, remember to declutter areas and keep surfaces as tidy as possible. There should be nothing in the photo that might distract potential guests.

It can add a nice touch to use some props like flowers and plants, which can freshen up photos, but keep in mind that too many can become clutter.

Top photography tips for your Airbnb property profile

Small details matter!

Don’t forget about the little things! It’s easy to forget about putting the toilet seat down, straightening the rug or buffing cushions, when you’re concerned about the bigger picture. It’s the little things like these that might distract potential guests and have them click off your profile before you’ve managed to convince them to click that all important ‘book’ button.

Low and wide shots

Some shots definitely work better than others, but the two we recommend are low and wide shots. Low and wide shots allow you to capture an entire room and show off its true space. Guests want to get a good idea of where they will be staying and the size of the room. These kinds of shots are best taken from the corner of a room, where you’re more likely to capture most of the room in the frame.

To make shots better, we recommend using a tripod. These can make photos sharper and can help with unsteady hands.

Top photography tips for your Airbnb property profile

Be honest

Be honest in your photography and don’t hide things or add anything major that guests won’t find at your property. The photos should be a true reflection of what guests will find when they arrive there. If you do not provide towels, then do capture towels in the photography. Lying in photos will only cause guests to become unhappy when they discover the truth and could this result in poor reviews, damaging your Airbnb reputation.

Top photography tips for your Airbnb property profile

Good lighting

Lighting is key for good photography. But it’s natural lighting in particular that is really going to make your property glow. We recommend taking photos during the day, rolling up all blinds and pulling back the curtains, to let as much natural light shine through as possible. Natural lighting will always come out on top vs artificially lit rooms.

Top photography tips for your Airbnb property profile

Highlight the best features

Photography should highlight the best features of your property, whether this be the gorgeous interior styling, the amount of space or the quirky details you’ve carefully curated. Think of what your property’s best features are and show them off! These are the aspects that are truly going to sell your accommodation and make it stand out from the busy Airbnb marketplace.

Top photography tips for your Airbnb property profile

Does all this sound like a lot of work? It doesn’t need to be! We are here to help optimise your Airbnb listing, including professional photography and so much more. We know exactly how to make your listing attract potential guests. Learn more about our services here, or if you’re ready to boost your bookings and maximise revenue, get in touch with us here for an informal chat about how we can help.

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