Want to enhance your Airbnb Listing? Here’s 5 must-do tips

With over 150 million Airbnb users, and 4.5+ million properties across 81,000+ areas, the popular short term property booking platform is a busy place to be. Over the last few years usage of the website has boomed, with many now favouring the quirky and unique homes and experiences that hotels and resorts can’t offer.

As a host, it is now more important than ever for your Airbnb profile to stand out. No host wants to be scrolled past in the seemingly never-ending list of properties, so you need to be pulling out all the stops to make your property an attractive option for potential guests.

As Airbnb experts in Glasgow, we know a thing or two about getting your listings noticed. Here are our top tips for optimising your Airbnb property listing.

1. Happy guests = Great reviews

It goes without saying, but is an important point to reinforce. If you’re taking good care of your guests and keep them happy during their stay, they will feel obliged to leave you a glowing review. Great reviews are just one factor that determines your ranking in a property search, as well as the number of reviews you have. So, do all you can to ensure you are receiving good reviews. Potential guests will be much more likely to click ‘book’ when they read positive comments from previous guests.

2. Snap happy

In most instances, the first thing a potential guest will look at on your listing is the photos. All the top booked homes have a wide range of professionally shot photographs of their property, covering all rooms from a number of angles. Make sure rooms are photographed in natural daylight, and ensure your property is looking its very best – no mess lying around! Don’t forget to capture the little unique details that make your property special.

3. Special treatment

Give your potential guests a little snapshot of the excellent service they will experience when they stay at your place. Do you offer special discounts for local bars, restaurants and tourist attractions? Tell them about it! Make your guests feel special and give them an ‘exclusive’ to sweeten the deal.

Bnbhost partner with a number of local favourites, including some of Glasgow’s top restaurants and bars. We offer your guests a variety of exclusive discounts and deals, so they can get a flavour of the best our city has to offer!

4. Word up!

Photographs come first, but the next thing a user will look at (alongside pricing, availability and of course location) is the title. After flicking through the preview images, a user will most likely read the title to get a flavour of what your property offers before they (hopefully) click into the listing to find out more. So, it is important to optimise your title to get your property noticed.

Put yourself in the mind of the user – what would you search for if you were visiting Glasgow? Make sure to include relevant search terms such as ‘city centre’ if relevant, and other appealing keywords that your guest may be searching for. If your property is near a popular landmark or attraction, be sure to mention this as it can be a serious pull-factor for getting those bookings!

BNB Host Checklist for your Property

5. Get the price right

Many guests will base their decision to book (or not to book), on the price of your property. It’s an important factor to consider when listing your property on Airbnb. If the price is too expensive or too cheap, it can give potential guests the wrong impression and deter bookings. Finding the optimal price per night for your property doesn’t just mean pulling a number out of thin air and thinking it seems ‘about right’. It should involve thorough research of the market and a good competitor analysis before taking into account your property’s facilities, amenities and unique offerings.

There’s a lot to consider as an Airbnb host, but we are here to help! We take care of everything from listing optimisation to photography and pricing strategy to guest satisfaction. We take care of your property and keep your guests smiling whilst you enjoy more of your free time and reap the financial benefits!

Get in touch with us today to discuss how we can optimise your short term rental property.