Is Glasgow good for Airbnb? Top 5 things that make Glasgow a great city for Airbnb

Glasgow is a beautiful and welcoming city, which makes it a good place for Airbnb. We love Glasgow – and we can’t wait to show it off again when restrictions are lifted. But until then, here are the top 5 things that make Glasgow a brilliant city to rent or host on Airbnb. 

These are great things to advertise on your Airbnb listings and tell your guests about when they stay with you.


Great Restaurants

Firstly, Glasgow is a brilliant city for foodies. And having such an abundance of great restaurants is a real draw for your listings. You can surprise your guests with a list of recommendations to suit their cravings and send them in the right direction when it comes to Glasgow’s culinary scene. 

Why not put together a little menu for your Airbnb? This way, guests can flick through and discover places they might not have stumbled across otherwise. This way, you get to benefit the local economy and save guests from yet another chain restaurant meal. 

If your guests are looking for the real ‘Scottish experience’ – haggis and all – we recommend pointing them towards Stravaigin or Ubiquitous Chip. They’re the only place in Glasgow who make their own haggis and it’s the perfect blend of amazing food and proper Glasgow atmosphere.

For pizza, it has to be Paesano or Baked if you can never decide on a pizza topping and want to try them all.  The point is, there’s no shortage of foodie delights in our city – and your guests love to discover them too. With cute cafes to fine dining restaurants, Glasgow is a great city for Airbnb.

Amazing coffee

When it comes to coffee – you can forget Milan and Melbourne as Glasgow is hot on their heels in the coffee arena. Not only is Glasgow home to wonderful independent coffee roasters like Dear Green, there’s no shortage of amazing coffee shops to get your daily caffeine hit. 

Your guests will love Glasgow for its focus on small batch brewing, supporting great suppliers and serving great coffee. Why not supply your guests with some local beans for their morning cuppa? Or give them a few suggestions for the best coffee in town – we suggest The Good Coffee Cartel and Black Pine Coffee.

There’s so much buzz about the city which makes Glasgow a great city for Airbnb hosting. 

Small touches like guides and recommendations make the world of difference to your guests. And with Bnbhost, we take care of everything including the guest experience to ensure renting is as simple as possible for you.

Beautiful architecture

People travel to Glasgow to experience the real Scotland – and its beautiful sights and architecture. And the city boasts many hidden gems you won’t find all over touristy blogs which make Glasgow a great city for Airbnb hosting.

We recommend helping your guests out with a little booklet of your favourite places in the city. Think Kelvingrove Park, the top of the huge cinema (one of Europe’s tallest) and the Necropolis. Did you know that the average Bnbhost stay is around 9 nights? Not only is this impressive, it shows that guests are looking to really explore the city – and we help by making sure they enjoy their stay. 

Great shopping

It might not be Scotland’s capital, but Glasgow is a shopaholic’s paradise. The city is full of shopping opportunities from big shopping centres to great independent retailers. This is a real bonus for tourists and yet another reason that Glasgow is a great city to host on Airbnb. 

From Buchanan Galleries to Silverburn and the city centre shops, your guests could spend days trailing the city in search of something wonderful. 

And for something a little more unusual, shops like Braw Wee Emporium, and The Shop Of Interest, are full of treasures from unique gifts to IRN BRU powder! Your guests won’t need convincing that Glasgow is a great city – and personal recommendations improve overall satisfaction and of course – Airbnb reviews. 

World-class history 

Like much of the UK, the city of Glasgow has a ton of history around every corner. From the first stone bridge which was built over the clyde in 1350 to the oldest known swimming club in the world – which still operates, there’s so much to learn. 

If your guests are history buffs, they might want to learn about the city’s past – and you can always point them in the direction of the great museums dotted in and around the city. The history makes it a great city for Airbnb as there’s no shortage of wonders to tell your guests about. 

Local guide books filled with fun facts make all the difference to your guests’ experience – and with Bnbhost, we take care of small details like that so you don’t have to. If you’re looking to get on Airbnb, why not get in touch? 

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