5 easy ways to get amazing reviews from your festive Airbnb stays

Reviews are a crucial part of Airbnb experiences and helping hosts receive more bookings. With the festive season being a busy time of the year for Airbnb properties, this is the perfect opportunity for hosts to rake in the great reviews. Here’s how you can do it…


Whether your guests are staying at your property for leisure or for work, a little bit of festive decor is a simple way to put smile on their faces. Airbnb properties tend to pride themselves on being the ‘home away from home’, so make sure it’s warm and welcoming. A wreath on the front door is a nice way to immediately welcome guests into your home, and a string of fairy lights always adds warm and cosiness to any room. If you really want to go that extra mile, why not have a decorated Christmas tree – or better yet, leave a box of decorations to let you guests do it themselves! We’ve said it plenty of times better, but guests are sure to notice and appreciate the extra touches.

Check in on guests after their first night

It’s always a good idea to touch base with your guests on their first night, just to double check if everything is going smoothly and if there’s anything you can do to make their stay more comfortable. Your property can be a lot colder during the winter evenings, so you may need to show your guests how to adjust the heating or provide extra blankets, for example. Even if everything is going well, your guests are sure to appreciate the fact that you sincerely care about their experience.

Leave a Christmas themed welcome box

We always recommend leaving a welcome pack for all stays throughout the year, but these can make an especially great impact during the festive season. After all, it’s the season for giving, so why not fill it with some small seasonal items to help exceed guests’ expectations, like hot chocolate, candy canes or mulled wine? Top your Christmas themed welcome box off with a personalised Christmas card, thanking your guests for choosing your property for their stay.

Create a Christmas itinerary for them

One of the most exciting things about visiting somewhere new is creating a list of all the things you’d like to do and see. As a local, you’ll likely be able to offer some amazing tips, particularly on festive themed locations.

Help your guests with their itinerary by sending them an email with some suggestions at least a week in advance. Check out our list of top spots and attractions in Glasgow to share with your guests this festive season.

Encourage your guests to leave a review at the end of their stay

Finally, don’t be afraid to encourage guests to leave a review once their stay is over. As a host, you need to be able to find out what you’re doing right or if there is anything you need to work on.

There’s no need to nag your guests for a review, a simple email asking what they thought about your property is a subtle way of reminding them.

Airbnb usually sends an automated email to guests after their stay, so this should also help remind them.

Put yourself in your guests’ shoes and consider everything that would make you leave a five-star review.

Do not hesitate to get in touch with BNBHost to find out how we can help your reviews soar!