How COP26 and TRNSMT are sparking a boom in Glasgow’s Airbnb Market

As Glasgow property experts, we’re always on the lookout for news and updates on Glasgow’s short term rental market. In this blog post, we’re going to take you through how COP26 and theTRNSMT festival have us heading towards an Airbnb boom in Glasgow.

That’s right, Glasgow’s Airbnb industry is about to grow thanks to key events taking place from the Summer onwards. Finally, some good news for Scottish tourism after such a challenging year.

Booking are on the rise

Ever since it was announced that lockdown would be ending along with the strict stay at home advice, we’ve seen a big rise in enquiries and bookings. 

Events including September’s TRNSMT and COP26 in November, combined with a pent-up appetite for travel caused by lockdown, could make 2021 the most profitable year ever for those with properties listed on Airbnb. 

We’ve seen that bookings have remained constant throughout the pandemic due to workers in still active industries – such as film production and construction – booking long-term stays, but we’re about to see a definite surge. This is great for those of you who already rent on Airbnb – and a great time to start for those of you who don’t. 

If you think the boom has been and gone, here’s a link to our previous blogpost which tells you all about the reasons being on Airbnb is still a sound investment. 

However, the return of tourism and public events could see properties booked at rates beyond 2014 levels, when the hugely-successful Commonwealth Games took place in Glasgow. The best time to get ahead of the game is now. Get in touch today to find out how you could start making money from Airbnb.

All of our city centre properties are booked for the first two weeks of November

Yes really. This is exciting news for our clients, but it’s also great news for the short term rental market as a whole. November is when the UN Climate Change Conference is set to take place – and rental rates are at least double normal levels. 

This is a great sign of growth and the perfect time to get your property listed on Airbnb.

Bookings for August, September and October are already well ahead of our 3 year average, with our clients making 3 times the usual nightly rate.

This is just one example of how we help our clients and landlords make more money on Airbnb. We’ve also got a blog post all about that which you can read here.

Bookings from overseas are on the rise

From September onwards, we’re seeing a huge increase in bookings from overseas travellers. In particular, bookings from America and Europe are on the rise. This is exciting as it indicates a rise in foreign travel in addition to our expected summer of staycations. 

Glasgow is set to host COP26, the global climate change summit which will attract visitors from around the world.

Meanwhile, there has been a flood of bookings in early July. Typically, this is the busiest weekend of the year for Glasgow’s short-term rental market.

We can’t wait to welcome travellers back to our city and show them around.

And the latest news on travel restrictions easing is the first step to getting our industry back on its feet.

COP26 has led to the best demand for bookings since 2014

While travel has changed over the last year, we’re excited to see this unprecedented demand for bookings later this year. The market is similar to that of Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games in 2014. 

This is an absolute shot in the arm for our city. We’re excited to point all guests towards independent businesses across the city that have struggled this past year. 

With the vaccine, a pent-up demand for travel and Glasgow’s increasing popularity as a city-break destination, there are very positive times ahead.

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