How landlords can make more money on Airbnb

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The Airbnb wave certainly isn’t new, and with 7 million listings across the globe, just being on Airbnb doesn’t guarantee you automatic success anymore. That’s where we come in. We’ve developed a foolproof strategy to help our clients’ make more money on Airbnb.

Everything we can do is to make sure your income from Airbnb is as passive and profitable as possible. 

Help you get maximum returns

With so many listings to choose from these days, only the best properties stand out. We know exactly how to style and sell each property to ensure you get maximum returns.

BNB Host helps property owners like you make the most from your investment, by getting your property looking its best and attracting the right kind of bookings.

Spot the opportunities

As industry experts, we’re always keeping a close eye on the news and looking for the next big opportunity in the Airbnb space. 

As 2020 threw us a curveball we never saw coming, we were faced with reimagining the travel industry and putting traditional marketing on hold.

The pandemic forced us to focus our minds on the areas of travel and tourism that were emerging which led us to notice some great things.

  1. Travel hasn’t stopped, it’s just changed.
  2. More people than ever are staying in properties for long periods of time.
  3. Private office space is in high demand.
  4. Production crews and construction workers need secure, safe places to stay.

These findings have put our clients at a huge advantage and has allowed us to pivot totally to cater to these new demands. 

Great pictures

Without quality photography, people won’t book your property.  That’s why we arrange professional photography to ensure that your property looks its best

In fact, not investing in great photography is a major oversight and can literally cost you money.

These days, people aren’t just looking for any old rental, especially when there is an abundance of chic apartments on the platform. 

We guide you through every step of the listing and manage everything from your property profile to your interior design. This way you can relax, knowing you and your property are in great hands.

Know your niche

With a saturated rental market, becoming successful on Airbnb comes down to standing out from the crowd. And how do you do that? By knowing your niche

Do you have a beautiful Victorian flat that’s beautifully decorated? We help our clients be first in line for upmarket getaways and luxury travelers. 

Got a flat that’s really close to a major airport? We position the property as a go-to early-flight-catching hub. 

Have a roomy building that you’re not using? Your property could be positioned as a trendy working space. 

And with more people than ever looking to self isolate and book longer stays, there are many more opportunities as a result of the pandemic than people think.  Thinking outside the box is the key to making more money on Airbnb.


Cleanliness has never been more important. Not only do guests want to stay somewhere that looks great, It also has to be clean

And with Airbnb’s coming out on top of hotels due to their lack of communal areas, now is a great time to invest in making your property covid secure.

We use our fabulous sister company, Miint, to ensure that every guest experiences a clean and tidy stay at your property.

From the obvious to-do’s like changing sheets and cleaning bathrooms, we take care of the little details which guests really notice. 


From interacting with your guests to managing the entire check-in experience, we take your guest experience seriously to ensure great ratings and maximum returns.

We’ve always got one eye on the rental landscape to make sure we’re on top of the next big trend. That way, your guests can have the best experience possible. 

Want to start making more money on Airbnb? Get in touch today to learn more. You can also follow us on Instagram for more hints and tips.