6 Lessons We’ve Learned as Experienced Airbnb Hosts

As an Airbnb Host, there’s a lot to think about.

Most often it’s not the only ‘job’ you have to juggle. Alongside check in/check out, cleaning, maintenance, profile optimisation, photography and marketing to name just a few tasks of the average host, you will probably have a career and life out with keeping your guests happy!

It can all seem a lot, especially at the start of your hosting journey, which is why we’ve put together some top lessons we’ve learned as experienced Airbnb hosts in Glasgow over the years to save you making mistakes early on.  Guests want local flavour and a unique experience

1. Guests want local flavour and a unique experience from their Airbnb Host

In a growing market where consumers want a unique experience, the popularity of the likes of Airbnb to find one-of-a-kind homes is on the rise. Guests are increasingly choosing to opt for a home with personality and character over a standard run of the mill hotel.

Your home offers them something a little different, so don’t be scared to add a touch of local flavour – it will truly leave a lasting impression. Why not display art from local artists, give your interiors a local touch, or even leave some local food or drink delicacies to sample? Little touches like these make all the difference!

2. Cleanliness should always be a priority

Yes, guests want a property with character, however that does not mean they are willing to compromise on hotel-standard cleanliness and presentation. Cleanliness within your property should always be a priority.

After every check out, a thorough clean and tidy should take place to make the next guest feel like they are the first to ever stay there! Guests will notice all the little things, so don’t cut any corners. Read about our top cleaning tips for Airbnb hosts here.

3. Photos should reflect the real deal

There’s nothing worse than booking a stunning space, only to arrive and be shocked to be greeted by something that resembles nothing like the photos online. Don’t leave your guests feeling conned.

Photography should always reflect how your property will look when they arrive, so don’t add any special touches or effects that aren’t going to feature for their stay.

Wide shots can often make rooms seem a lot larger than they are, so make sure to detail room sizes in the property description so guests know exactly what kind of space they are booking. Of course, interiors will change from time to time, so make sure to keep your photography up to date with any major changes you implement.

4. Reviews are everything!

Guest feedback is super important, not only to build your credibility, but to help you continually improve as a host! Reviews are even more important when you are starting out as an Airbnb Host.

They will provide potential guests with real-life experiences of your property and will build trust and transparency within the community. Reviews also influence where your property appears in Airbnb search results with quality and quantity of reviews both impacting your ranking, as well as a combination of many other factors, outlined by Airbnb here.

5.      Property must-haves

Over our years of experience as Airbnb Hosts, there are common issues that arise mentioned by guests, which help us to continually improve the offering of our managed properties. Here are some things you must consider for your property:

  • Provide wifi information within the property. They shouldn’t have to search or ask you for this.
  • Ensure there are enough, strategically placed, plug points! Nothing is more frustrating than a hair dryer not reaching a mirror, or a phone charging point being nowhere near the bed.
  • Provide plenty of towels and extra pillows. This will save you running back and forth for guest’s extra requests.
  • Provide a simple city guide and map. You will most likely be able to pick these up from your local tourist information point. You could even put your own guide together for a personal touch! When we manage a property, we provide the guests with our exclusive partner discounts, so they can discover the very best of the cities restaurants, bars and tourist attractions.

6. If you need help, ask for it

Lastly, none of us are perfect. It can be difficult and very time consuming being an Airbnb host as well as working a full or part time job, so if you need help, ask for it! That’s where BNBHOST come in.

We offer a fully comprehensive service to help manage and optimise your Airbnb property to provide you with more free time, and boosted income and revenue. We offer everything from profile set up, photography, and cleaning right through to guest management, seamless turnovers and even interior and renovation projects! With years of combined experience in the short-let property industry, we know how to get it right first time.

Get in touch with us today here for an informal chat about how we can boost your Airbnb Host bookings and income.