Keeping your property spotless for Summer: Effective cleaning tips

We’re now into the Summer season (although it sometimes doesn’t feel that way here!), and it’s a busy time for Glasgow with many popular events coming up. Hosts may see a notable surge in bookings, so keeping your property clean and well-presented throughout this season is crucial.

Here are some of our top tips you can follow to keep your property spotless for Summer.


Let the air in! Open windows and doors where possible to welcome a fresh breeze inside. Bins, toilets and dirty dishes can all leave unpleasant smells in the air, and guests can even leave behind their own odors too! New guests arriving want to enter properties that smell clean and fresh, so ventilation should always be done after the departure of a guest.

Vacuum everywhere!

Most hosts likely vacuum clean carpets each time a guest departs their property, but who says hoovering is just for carpets? A vacuum cleaner’s main function is to suck up dust and dirt, so make full use of it! Blinds and curtains are notorious for collecting dust, and think of all the crumbs that gets stuck in between sofas and mattresses. These areas can harbor bacteria, germs and mites just as much as carpets, so don’t miss them out!

Deep clean carpets

When it comes to high foot-traffic areas, carpets may require more than regular hoovering. Generally, carpets should be deep cleaned at least 1-2 times per year, however it really depends on how high foot-traffic is. Airbnb hosts may decide how often carpets are deep cleaned depending on how many guests their property accommodates each year. Deep cleaning carpets gets beneath the surface where vacuum cleaners can’t reach and removes all dirt, bacteria and allergens. If your carpets have some stubborn stains, deep cleaning may also help combat these. Plus, they will smell great afterwards!

Clean kitchen appliances

It’s easy to forget about the smaller cleaning tasks when you’re focused on the more urgent and obvious ones. But like we’ve said before, it’s often the smallest details some guests notice the most and are quick on pointing them out. Cleaning inside fridges, ovens and dishwashers is undoubtably important. However, hosts shouldn’t forget about cleaning the smaller kitchen appliances, like microwaves, kettles, coffee machines and toasters. If these appliances are not cleaned regularly and correctly, bacteria such as Salmonella, Listeria, E. coli, plus mold and yeast could build up and leave guests unwell.

Wash all windows

Windows may look clean to the eye, until the sun shines through and highlights fingerprints and dust particles. You may not think that it’s completely necessary to clean windows every time a guest leaves, but regular window cleaning is an essential part of maintaining an attractive property. Windows can very easily get dirty each time a new guest stays from the likes of steam and grease from cooking. Clean windows will also allow as much natural light as possible into your property, whilst looking spotless.

Deep clean drains 

Drains in kitchen sinks can become clogged with food or oil, and dental floss, hair and soap might clog up drains in bathrooms. When drains lie clogged for some time, they can leave nasty smells in the room, which is why hosts must remember to clean them every so often.  Pouring a mixture of baking soda and vinegar down drains followed by boiling water is known to be an effective way to clean drains. Remember, clean drains keep the plumbers away!

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