Your BNB property: Why let us manage it?

Bnbhost - we take care of your property

Your property is your pride and joy, so it can be daunting to allow someone else to manage it for you. With Bnbhost, your property is always in the best hands. We will help your property reach its potential whilst freeing up your time, taking the pressure off you, and of course generating extra income. 

We share the benefits of letting us manage your much-loved property below. 

1. Extra income

The number one reason most people let us manage their property for short term rentals is because they want to earn extra money. With an extra income stream, many clients are managing to pay off their mortgage faster, enjoying more holidays, and generally improving their and their family’s lifestyle. We only charge a small percentage of the nightly rental (plus cleaning charges), maximising your income generation.  The average host earns an extra £2131 per month with us. What would you do with the extra income? 

2. Take the pressure off you

We understand that letting your property out for short term rentals comes with a lot of extra pressure. Check in’s, check out’s, making sure the property is in tip-top shape, and keeping guests happy can almost be an extra job in itself. However, we are here to do all that for you! We aim to take the pressure off you, so you can enjoy the extra income whilst not having to deal with the extra commitments that come with it. So, pass us your keys and we can handle the rest.  

3. Free up your time

Do you dream of spending more time with family and friends? Or perhaps you would like to explore more of the world. Letting us manage your Airbnb (or other booking platform) property, will take a lot of the time-consuming activities off your hands, so you can enjoy more of your free time. Many of our clients are travelling around the world whilst we manage their property back at home, as they reap the financial benefits – it’s a win-win!  

4. Keep your home secure

We understand your property’s security is important to you. It can be a daunting thought leaving the security of your home in someone else’s hands, but our team of professional and experienced property managers have the security of your property at the top of their priorities. From efficient check ins and check outs to ensuring you have all the necessary security devices, you can trust us to take care of your property to the highest level. 

5. The city’s experts

We know Glasgow inside-out, meaning your guests will get acquainted with the city like never before. We have partnerships will all the city’s best award-winning restaurants, bars and tourist attractions, offering your guests exclusive discounts and deals. We are always on hand to help guests out during their stay and we provide a comprehensive welcome pack so they feel at home from the minute they open the door

6. Optimise your profile

As experts in short-let rentals, we know exactly what guests are looking for when browsing for their next stay. We know how to make your property look its very best, how to communicate its unique selling points, and how to price it accordingly.  

Over the years, our team has perfected the approach to optimised pricing. Our vast experience and data driven approach allows us to position your property at the best possible rate, whilst giving your property the value it deserves. We scan the market for trends whilst taking into account everything your property has to offer to keep your price competitive and your property desirable. 

If you are interested in discovering the short-let potential of your property, or perhaps you already let it out and want us to help, get in touch today for an informal chat. 

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