5 ways to protect your property from troublesome guests during the party season

The thought of becoming an Airbnb host is an exciting prospect, but for many, the worry of guests throwing parties and trashing your property looms at the back of the mind. Here’s how you can protect your property from damage.

Truth be told, the likelihood of this happening is highly unlikely. However, you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your property, which is why we are sharing some ways you can protect your property from troublesome guests during the party season.

Make the ground rules clear to your guests

First things first – make your ground rules clear to guests from the first point of contact, i.e what is and isn’t allowed. Don’t be afraid to be strict with your ground rules, it may be the only way to get others to respect your property.

Outline rules in your booking contract, online listing and in the guest handbook. Anywhere you can outline your rules, do it! Transparency and honesty should warn off anyone who is searching for a property with the intentions of hosting a party.

Take damage deposits

Another way to deter guests from hosting any parties is requesting a damage deposit. This way, they will know they’ll need to pay extra money for any damages or cleaning costs. If you do decide to take damage deposits, be sure to make this clear to guests from the first point of contact also.

Suss out your guests

You can often suss out what type of guests are coming to property beforehand. Understandably, some hosts might have suspicions if a group of boys or girls are requesting the property on a Saturday night. But don’t forget, as a host, you can look at their profiles and reviews other hosts have given them to get a sense of what they may be like.

Or, if there’s not much to gather from their Airbnb profile, contact them via email or on the phone. Ask them what their plans are or be straight to the point and ask if they plan on having other guests over.

Use your neighbours’ ears and eyes

Being on good terms with your neighbour is always a great thing, especially when you’re a host. When you’re not there, they can act and your eyes and ears and report anything that doesn’t look or sound right. Even if you’re not on super close terms with your neighbour, always leave your contact details with them, as any issues are likely to disturb them too and you should ensure them that you’ll deal with any problems.

Insure yourself

There are various types of insurances that are specifically designed for Airbnb hosts that covers the likes of theft and damage, injuries to guests, and lost keys. Airbnb have also launched a Host Protections Insurance programme which provides hosts with liability coverage in the event of third-party claims of ‘bodily injury or property damage’. With so many different types of insurance available, it’s important you thoroughly research which is best suited to you and your concerns.

There’s also the Airbnb Host Guarantee which can protect you in these situations.

Thankfully, all BNBHOST managed properties experienced no issues last year, and it’s highly unlikely that we will experience any issues this year!