What can becoming an Airbnb host do for you?

Airbnb is becoming an increasingly popular platform, not just for travellers, but hosts as well. And it’s really not hard to see why; according to the Airbnb UK Insights Report 2018, both hosts and travellers generated economic activity worth £569 million in Scotland alone.

Have you ever thought about becoming and Airbnb host but you’re just not all that sure? Find out what becoming an Airbnb host could do for you.

Extra income

For many, being able to earn a little bit of extra income from your own home is one of the most appealing aspects of becoming an Airbnb host. Whether it’s simply renting out a room or renting out your entire home, becoming an Airbnb host is undoubtably a great way to make extra cash. It is important to remember that you may not earn as much as you were expecting at first, but this shouldn’t discourage you. As with most things, it can take a bit of time to get noticed.

Grants you greater flexibility

Would we all love some more freedom and flexibility in life – being able to take a spontaneous trip or just a few days off every once in a while. When you become an Airbnb host, you’re in control. You can decide whether or not you’re a full-time or part-time host; what days your accommodation is open for bookings; how long guests can stay for; and how much you charge. If hosting is your second job, making extra income from this may allow you to take some time off from your first job. Hosting doesn’t need to be too demanding either, especially when you have the likes of BNB Host, who can help you take care of everything.

Get to know your town/city better

As an Airbnb host, you’re typically required to know your town/city as best as you can. It’s highly likely guests will come to you for some recommendations for bars and restaurants, for example. Knowing your town or city can offer a whole variety of benefits, however. At BNB Host, we know Glasgow like the back of our palm, and now we have built some great relationships and partnerships with many bars and restaurants in Glasgow. You never know what knowing your town or city a little bit better could do for you!

Learn new skills

When you become an Airbnb host, you’re ultimately learning how to manage your own business. From managing customer reviews and responding to questions, to handling complaints and dealing with multiple bookings. Although it can sometimes be hard work, you’re learning lifelong valuable skills in the long run!

Love what you do

Finally, and most importantly, being an Airbnb host is an enjoyable and extremely rewarding job that you’re bound to love! You can venture into something that enables you to be more involved in things and believe it. We love what we do here at BNB Host!

Are you interested in becoming an Airbnb host? We can help you!

BNB Host can help you take can of everything. From deep cleaning and set up, to photography and creating your property profile. We understand that being a host can be difficult, but that’s what we’re here for.

Get in touch with us here for an informal chat about how we can help your property reach its full potential and boost your booking and income.