The latest Airbnb updates for 2020

As property experts, we’ve always got an eye on new Airbnb updates. Here’s everything you need to know.

Airbnb are spending an additional $150 million on new policies, protections and tools to help hosts. Some of these have been in place since late 2019, with more expected for this year.

Here are some of the latest features which we’ll see over the coming year.

Airbnb Updates: Neighbourhood Support

A support page for neighbourhoods will be launching, allowing members to share their concerns about issues like ‘unauthorised parties, excessive noise and unsafe behaviour.’

Airbnb has said it will monitor these disturbance claims in house to help support local communities.

Airbnb Updates: Guest Guarantee

A new ‘guest guarantee’ is coming into play to ensure guests can move to a new property is they are unhappy. If the listing they have booked does not meet Airbnb’s accuracy standards, they’ll be moved to a new property or get fully refunded. Guests have just 23 hours to report any issues.

Airbnb Updates: Manual Review of High-Risk Reservations

Airbnb are doubling down on manual reviews to help identify suspicious bookings which are flagged by their automatic system.

As such, a number of factors is considered during the review, such as the duration of stay and listing attributes like the size of the property.

Although currently, the feature is only available in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands. It’s thought the feature will be rolling out in more territories soon.

Airbnb Updates: Local Emergency Services

Many Airbnb guests travelling to foreign countries may not be familiar with reaching local authorities in that country in the event of an emergency.

In light of this, Airbnb have made calling local emergency services easier through their app.

Currently, the feature is available for residents of the US, UK, Ireland and Australia when travelling in 31 countries and regions.

Airbnb Updates: Noise Detectors

Hosts from around the world who are concerned about noisy guests can make use of the discount voucher to purchase noise detector devices.

As such, Airbnb has given out vouchers allowing hosts to get up to 100% off of noise detecting equipment.

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