Most haunted Airbnbs around the world that you can book right now

With long cold nights slowly creeping in and a noticeable chill in the air, Autumn has well and truly arrived which can mean only one thing: Halloween is here. For lovers of the paranormal and things that go bump in the night, this brings thoughts of scary movies and tours through haunted houses.

If you’re looking for something different to do this Halloween, why not check out our list of some of the most haunted Airbnbs that you can rent around the world?

The Haunted Chamber Apartment, York, United Kingdom

With York being ranked as one of the most haunted places in the UK, it’s hardly surprising that this spooky Airbnb is at the top of our list. Located in a quiet little medieval courtyard behind quirky pub ‘The House of Trembling Madness’ and in the shadow of the glorious York Minster, the building itself is over 600 years old. With its dark wood panelling, tight spiral staircase and antique furniture, stepping inside might make you feel like you’ve travelled back in time. If that’s not eerie enough, the hosts have said they have had quite a few people walk straight in, say they don’t like the energy, and walk straight out. Some guests have even had alleged encounters with a headless woman who lived there centuries ago!

The Parks Bowman Mansion, New Orleans, LA

Slightly further afield, this Southern Mansion in New Orleans’ garden district is said to be haunted by the ghost of a dark haired girl in a yellow dress. She is believed to be the youngest daughter of the family who first owned the house and who was buried in the garden next to her father after dying in childbirth. Nobody knows why she’s still here, or what she’s looking for, but host Adrienne Parks says she’s a shy spirit who spends her night limping round the garden humming lullabies, but you might want to watch your glasses and keys as apparently they have a tendency to go missing…

Castello Dal Pozzo: Piedmont, Italy

By day, Castello del Pozzo is a charming, centuries old castle that combines contemporary
elegance with its rich past. Yet by night, it is rumoured that the residence is haunted by the ghost of Barbara Visconti, who fell in love with the military captain Matteo de Grandis over 500 years ago. Sadly, her father forbade the match, as he had promised her hand to another, and so to keep the lovers apart, Matteo was sent away and Barbara was locked in the tower where she slowly wasted away out of sheer despair. According to the hosts, she can still be heard crying and if you look up at the tower, you may just see her shadow gazing out over the lake waiting for Matteo to return.

Captain Grant’s 1754, Preston, Connecticut

Originally built for his wife and children, and subsequently remaining in the family for three generations, Captain Grant’s historic B&B is considered as one of the most haunted inns in all of New England. There are a number of rooms available, with the most active spot in the inn being the Adelaide Room where guests have reported waking up to see a woman in a Colonial dress holding hands with two children. The TV also reportedly turns on and off by itself and the shower curtain will derail as if pulled off by invisible hands. Throughout the rest of the residence, guests have told of hearing random noises, seeing unusual shapes and even feeling spirits pass right through them. Even the bravest of guests have found themselves sleeping with their heads under the covers.

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