Is it safer to book an Airbnb than a hotel this summer?

Is an Airbnb than a hotel this summer?

The return of travel is upon us. After months stuck at home, Scottish tourism is back in business. The first few steps back into travel will be tentative for some. While tourists will be keen to travel, guests will understandably be on-guard and conscious of the risks of Coronavirus.

Although the world has changed, the strength of Airbnb properties will be as they were before the pandemic – they provide private accommodation that people are in complete control of. But is an Airbnb safer than a hotel?

Exemplary Cleaning Standards

Our properties receive exemplary ratings for cleanliness, thanks to the high standards and professionalism of our in-house cleaning team.

Recently, Airbnb launched its enhanced cleaning initiative for the future of travel. This protocol was developed by Airbnb and leading experts in hospitality and medical hygiene, including former US Surgeon General Dr Vivek Murphy.

These recommendations include PPE for cleaners, disinfectants approved by regulatory authorities and waiting periods between stays.

We have fully implemented each and every one of these guidelines. Our expert, in-house cleaning team conducted deep antibacterial cleans so we were fully prepared to welcome guests. They wear masks for the duration of the clean, and unlike in a hotel, they are gone by the time guests arrive. We have also ensured a full supply of cleaning products (including hand soap, dish soap and disinfectant spray) in each property. 

The perfect choice for travel

As well as enhanced cleaning policies, there are inherent advantages to Airbnb which make it the perfect choice for travel this summer, including the simple fact there’s less exposure to crowds, private kitchens and in most properties, laundry facilities. 

Airbnb’s rise came because it answered the needs of a consumer unserved by hotels. This remains the case today. Airbnb properties provide a level of security and safety that hotels cannot match. Unlike in a hotel, guests are able to have complete control of their property and can remain private away from others for the duration of their stay.  

Welcome back!

We’ve been so excited to welcome back guests to our properties, which offer the ideal base for the needs of every visitor, whether it’s the guest looking to enjoy SWG3’s new outdoor drinks area or explore Loch Lomond.

As our city gets back to life, our properties provide the perfect home away from home for those making the most of everything which makes Glasgow great.  So, is an Airbnb safer than a hotel this summer? Yes!

Get in touch

If you want to know any more about all the measures we’re taking to make our properties the safest solution for visitors, or you have a vacant property which could be the perfect base for Airbnb guests, get in touch.