How to transform your property into a staycation haven.

The word ‘staycation’ seems to be all the rage currently (although there seems to be some debate about whether it means holidaying in your home country, or your literal home). But one thing’s for sure, the effects of the Coronavirus will take its toll on where many can travel abroad, more and more people are choosing to take their holidays within the UK – and stay in Airbnbs over hotels. 

In June 2020 after lockdown restrictions were eased, it was reported that one staycation was booked every 11 seconds. In another recent survey, 24.9% of those asked said that they would prefer to take a holiday in the UK until there is a Coronavirus vaccine, while another 17.76% stated that they would prefer a UK staycation regardless of the Coronavirus pandemic – highlighting the current popularity for the staycation market. 

Last year, UK tourists spent £49 billion abroad. This year, much of that will be spent at home, in cities like Glasgow which give all the benefits of city life, with the added benefit of being within an hour of some of the world’s most impressive scenery in Loch Lomond. 

As such, it’s more important than ever to make your property stand out from the crowd for potential new guests. With that in mind, here are some top tips to spruce up your property for the ultimate staycation let.

Keep it clean

COVID-19 has forced people to be careful and take every necessary precaution to protect their health and that of others too. 

Any potential guest wanting to book your property for a staycation getaway will be wanting complete certainty that you’ve taken the time to clean and sanitise your property after every guest visit. 

Make sure you follow the Airbnb guidelines to ensure that your property is in line with the COVID safety measures and be sure to advertise this – customers can book safe in the knowledge that you care about your customers and your property. 

Add some colour

As well as enhanced cleaning policies, there are inherent advantages to Airbnb which make it the perfect choice for travel this summer, including the simple fact there’s less exposure to crowds, private kitchens and in most properties, laundry facilities. 

Airbnb’s rise came because it answered the needs of a consumer unserved by hotels. This remains the case today. Airbnb properties provide a level of security and safety that hotels cannot match. Unlike in a hotel, guests are able to have complete control of their property and can remain private away from others for the duration of their stay.  

Avoid clutter

Having too much in clutter around your property can often look messy and uninviting to any potential guests – particularly in properties with smaller spaces. 

Instead of using a lot of smaller decorative items, go with one bigger one. That way, you can still incorporate interesting interior design and keeping the focus on a few main items.

If you have small spaces in your property, read our guide on how you can maximise the space in your let. 

Provide entertainment

With COVID-19 limiting the number of places that guests can currently visit, many want to get away and just see some new scenery – even if that means just staying inside a different property for a few nights.

It’s good to cater to the entertainment needs of those staying in your property. Things like providing board games, a television, speakers and other such amenities help to persuade your guests to choose you over properties that don’t offer as much in the way of entertainment. Only 14% of Glasgow Airbnb properties come equipped with cable TV, so adding that to your property can really make your property stand out. 

Alternatively, you may wish to offer an Airbnb Experience for your guests. Airbnb Experiences are unique activities that are designed and hosted by locals and Airbnb hosts. To find out more about Airbnb Experiences, click here

Display some art

Squeeze every last bit of potential out of your property, and subtle home improvements are key to ensuring guests are attracted to your let. Having artwork or framed print pieces can add a nice dash of colour to your property, or fill in an empty space on a wall. 

Particularly in rooms which lack colour or have a lot of plain walls, hanging some well-fitting artwork can add a great deal of detail to a room. 

Little Touches Make The Difference

Small things like providing milk and bread go a long way – particularly when considering the impact of COVID in limiting the number of people allowed in shops at any one time. And, of course, if you’re based in Glasgow, it wouldn’t hurt to leave an umbrella or two for your guests, chances are they’ll use it. 

Next time you let your property, consider some things you can do to boost your rating – be that the extra jar of tea and coffee, or the nice shampoo and conditioner you leave in the bathroom. Think about even using local brands to add authenticity and set yourself apart. 

Become a Superhost

Being a Superhost is excellent for attracting potential guests to your property, and helps let guests know that you are one of the best hosts on the Airbnb market. 83% of our hosts have already achieved Superhost status and have reaped its rewards. 

You can find out more about what becoming a Superhost can do for your property here.

Why not leave all that to the experts and let us take your hosting game to the next level. Get in touch today to find out how we can boost your bookings and income.