How to do home improvements right as an Airbnb host

As an Airbnb host, you should always be aiming to improve your home for guests. But when considering home improvements with hosting in mind, there’s usually a little more to think about – what else do guests need? Are they comfortable enough? Is your property up to date?

We’ve listed some of our top tips on how you can get home improvements right as an Airbnb host.

Personal touches

It’s up to you to make guests feel as though they’re visiting a home away from home. You can do this by adding some personal touches. It’s often these little touches that keep your property in the guests mind and encourage them to leave a glowing review. Adding local decorative touches will make your property that little bit more inviting and warmer, and add some unique charm too!

So don’t be afraid to include some aspects of your personality, whether it’s art from a local artist or your favourite books and films.


As with any rental property, Airbnb hosts will experience some wear and tear in their homes over the years. You don’t necessarily need to completely redecorate your property but keep an eye on when the property needs a fresh lick of paint or new accessories to keep it looking great all year round.

Remember, guests often notice the most minor of details, so stay on top of these areas to keep them happy and the five star reviews rolling in!

Update electrical equipment

Electrical equipment can show signs wear and tear too, and what’s more frustrating than turning up to a property to discover that some electric appliances you were promised don’t work?

Did you know Airbnb Hosts have a legal duty to ensure all portable appliances in their properties are tested for safety in order to comply with strict electrical standards? Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) is required every 12 months and tests freezers, lamps, TVs, kettles and toasters. Thanks to PAT, you’ll know exactly what electrical equipment needs replaced, and when. Safety should always be a priority for your guests.

You can read more about Airbnb electrical safety here.

Think practical

Practical improvements are often overshadowed by the bigger ones. But it’s the practical improvements that are often the most appreciated by guests!

Are towel racks within easy reach of the shower? Is there at least one full length mirror? Are standard features like doors and windows functional and easy to use?

To think practical, think outside the box. What practical improvements would you want when staying in someone else’s property?

Add more storage

As a guest, it can be frustrating when your accommodation lacks storage space, especially if you are staying for a length of time. Consider how many guests could be staying at your property and accommodate for their storage needs. Drawers, shoe racks, under bed storage and hangers are all important things to keep in mind.

TIP: If you aren’t keen on splashing out on a new set of drawers, why not by small plastic storage boxes for underneath beds that can roll in and out.

Bnbhost can help you improve and maximise the potential of your property. With our interior designers and furniture and home accessory partners, we can help you turn any space into an inviting, unique home that you are proud to share with guests.

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