How to be a better host: 5 Tips for making your guests feel at home

Bnbhost - how to make your guests feel at home

Going on holiday or travelling in general can be stressful at times, and the last thing you want as a guest is to deal with poor accommodation conditions when you arrive.

We’ve all been there – you arrive at your destination and you don’t know where anything is, in the property or locally. Even worse, what if the cleaning’s not up to scratch, or there’s nothing to do in the area?

As a host, you can make sure that your guests don’t have to deal with nightmares like these. Taking time to ensure everything is in tip top shape for them will make their entire stay fantastic from check to check out. More so, happy guests = great reviews, which can lead to increased bookings for your property.

Follow our tips below and your guests will feel at home in no time.

1. Keep it clean

Seems obvious, but it doesn’t hurt to mention! There’s nothing worse when you get somewhere, looking to put your feet up but you’re having to clean up after the last person who was there, or dusting things off because no one’s been in a while. Double check all the nooks and crannies before each guest checks in, it really can make all the difference to make a great first impression.

2. Information is key – Home and local

Bnbhost - How to make your guests feel at home

Remember, it is likely that your guests won’t have been to the property or area before, so a quick guide to where everything is goes a long way. And of course don’t forget the most important piece of information, the Wifi password!

Why not put your local knowledge to good use and leave them a list of the local bars, restaurants, attractions and sightseeing opportunities to save them having to look. At Bnbhost we go the extra mile and partner with the very best Glasgow has to offer. We give your guests exclusive discounts and deals across the city to help give them a flavour of our wonderful city.

3. Toiletries & Towels

Bnbhost - How to make your guests feel at home

Toiletries are easy to forget when you’re travelling and can also take up valuable baggage space and weight, as can towels. As a host, it is a nice gesture to let your guests know that the essentials are waiting for them in the bathroom, such as shampoo, conditioner and shower gel. Source your toiletries from local suppliers to add an extra Scottish touch and make their experience even more special. High quality, fluffy, clean towels are a must too, and make sure there are extras.

4. Stock up

Bnbhost - How to make your guests feel at home

It’s a kind gesture to have some essentials stocked up for your guests arriving. You don’t need to go overboard with a week’s shopping, but the essentials such as coffee, tea and sugar can go a long way. Don’t forget the essential kitchen utensils too. If you’re feeling generous, why not pop in a few bottles of some local beer or even the Scottish delicacy, Irn Bru, to give them a real taste of our country!

5. Feels like home

Bnbhost - How to make your guests feel at home

Nobody likes an empty space that feels like a show home, so inject some personality to your property. Have some books and magazines available to read and supply some kind of TV entertainment package such as Netflix. To freshen up the room, add some good quality faux flowers to brighten up the room, and make sure there are no odd smells! Having unlit candles sitting around can fragrance the room delicately and make that all important first impression last.

Does all this sound like a lot of work? It doesn’t need to be! We are here to make hosting a breeze. Let us look after your Airbnb property and keeping your guests happy, whilst you enjoy more of your free time and earn some extra cash. 83% of our property owners have achieved Superhost status on Airbnb, and we can help set you on the path for Superhost too! We only charge a small percentage from each booking, so you have nothing to lose.

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