How has Covid-19 impacted the Airbnb industry? | Bnbhost Business Update

How has the Covid-19 crisis impacted the Airbnb industry? Hugely, is the short answer. But it’s definitely not all bad. In fact, most of it is positive. We’ve found time to really pause and take stock of our business over the past year, considering how we could streamline along the way to give maximum efficiency to our clients. 

We know our clients will see a difference. So here is our roundup of changes for Bnbhost and the Airbnb industry as a whole due to Covid-19. 

There has been highs, lows and hairy moments

We won’t pretend 2020 was a breeze for our business – it wasn’t. And like many businesses and sectors across the world, there has been times when we questioned if our business would survive. Comfortably on the other side of, hopefully, the worst the pandemic has to throw at us – we’ve landed butter side up. 

We have a great list of clients – and we’re dedicated to help achieve their goals when it comes to the short term rental market. We’re seeing encouraging signs of growth within the Airbnb industry and it seems like it’s only up from here. 

We count ourselves lucky we have been able to diversify during the pandemic to accommodate flexible, covid-secure working spaces, self isolation properties, accommodation for film crews and all-important construction and key workers and more. We have helped our clients maintain steady bookings throughout one of the Airbnb industry’s toughest times to date – this is something we’re immensely proud of at Bnbhost. 

The pandemic has allowed us to develop and grow our relationships with major broadcasters such as the BBC, STV and Channel 4.  We’re super excited to be working with these companies and to be able to provide film and TV crews with safe, covid-secure accommodation while filming. This also means steady bookings for our clients and a more stable income, ultimately increasing their profit.   

Our team have taken it all in their stride

We won’t bore you by telling you that the world of work has changed drastically for everyone over the past year. We’re sure you’re aware. However, the slower pace of business and life as a whole along with the changes in working patterns allowed us to take a step back and look at all areas of our business. Doing so has proved to be invaluable for Bnbhost. 

Not only have we been able to streamline basic operations, allowing us to give a better service to our clients, our staff are now finding new joy in their work. One of our old colleagues, Dom, has rejoined the Bnbhost team – and we’re loving having him back. 

Here’s what a member of our team had to say…

“In the last 14 months, the world has totally changed for the worse but the guys here at BNBHOST have only become stronger. There have been a lot of positive changes of late. I have a new role and I love it. 

We have always put our clients and guests at the front of our day to day runnings, providing support and care for those key workers when they needed us during the pandemic. The support and love between us all has shown me that even when dark days come we always pull through in the end. 

The best thing about my job is being treated like you actually matter and in turn, this gives me the drive to excel in everything I do. If the pandemic has taught me anything it is that as long as you remain as a team from start to finish throughout these uncertain months then we can achieve anything.”

Arlene Taggart (Manager)

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