The latest Airbnb updates for 2020

Airbnb have recently been introducing new features and procedures to support hosts, guests and neighbours who may have concerns about unauthorised parties or disturbances. An additional $150 million has been spent on new policies, protections and tools which came into force mostly in December 2019 and Airbnb aim to expand and develop the new features and procedures throughout 2020.

Here are some of the latest features and procedures to be added.

Neighbourhood Support

A support page for neighbourhoods has been launched which allows neighbours and community members to share their concerns about ‘unauthorised parties, excessive noise, unsafe behaviour, excessive trash, unallowed parking and other disturbances.’ Airbnb will follow up on enquiries that are received through the Neighbourhood Support Page and investigate violations to policies and take appropriate action when necessary.

Guest Guarantee

Airbnb guests will now be offered a ‘guest guarantee’ if the listing they have booked does not meet Airbnb’s accuracy standards. Unhappy guests will be rebooked into a new property of equal or greater value or receive 100% of their money back. This new guest refund policy begins if a guest reports a travel issue up to 23 hours after check-in.

Manual Review of High-Risk Reservations

Manual reviews of high-risk reservations are expanding in order to help identify suspicious or high-risk reservations that have been flagged by Airbnb’s automated system and prevent any potential issues. A number of factors is considered during the review, such as the duration of stay and listing attributes like the size of the property. This procedure was introduced in the US, Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands in December, however it’s expected to expand to more markets in 2020

Local Emergency Services

Many Airbnb guests travelling to foreign countries may not be familiar with reaching local authorities in that country in the event of an emergency. Having considered this barrier, Airbnb have implemented a new feature on the Airbnb mobile phone app which allows users to easily make a direct call to local authorities within the area in the event of an emergency. The feature is currently available for residents of the US, UK, Ireland and Australia when travelling in 31 countries and regions.

Noise Detectors

Hosts from around the world who are concerned about noisy guests can make use of the discount voucher to purchase noise detector devices. Airbnb launched a discount voucher raging from over 45% to 100% off regular prices for noise detector devices that can help detect and alert noise issues whilst protecting guests’ privacy. Discount vouchers are only available to hosts for a limited time and on a first-come, first-serve basis.

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